Died [verb]

Definition of Died:

pass away; stop living

Synonyms of Died:

Opposite/Antonyms of Died:

Sentence/Example of Died:

Running through strange, unlit hallways would be ill advice in real life, and it’s a quick way to die in “Demon’s Souls.”

Engel-Natzke’s father, Tom, whom she got her love of sports from and was her “biggest fan,” Engel-Natzke’s mother said, died in April from covid-19.

“I really don’t want to die here in front of these kids,” thought the head coach of the Saint John’s Catholic Prep football team.

It names the executor of your estate, and it’s used only after a person dies.

He was seen once more in 1801, after Washington had died and freed him and the others he owned in his will.

Province now holds the hands of dying patients in Utah, just as he did while volunteering in New York in April, he said.

Edwards, the SEC freshman of the year, watched the draft from Atlanta flanked by paintings of his mother and grandmother, who both died after battling cancer.

Michael Stumo, whose daughter Samya died in the Ethiopia crash, said short of much more comprehensive technical disclosures by the FAA and agency requirements for additional safety measures, the Max cannot be trusted.

A total of 857 employees had tested positive for the virus and two had died, according to state data.

A cold snap is unusual of late, and this one will be rather short-lived, but with winds dying down this evening, the stage is set for a long overnight freeze in many spots.