Differentials [noun]

Definition of Differentials:

main part of device

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Sentence/Example of Differentials:

The decision in 1882 of the Thurman Commission on Differentials settled nothing.

The principle laid down by the so-called "Bogue differentials" in the lumber trade bears upon this point.

The MacGraham scale and the port differentials were thus logically connected.

But the differentials do not count, neither do the differential lines now get their share of the through business.

Somehow, cogs and levers and differentials do not have the same appeal as fingers and eyes and muscles.

The fundamental artifice of the calculus is the artifice of forming differentials without first forming differential coefficients.

Differentials of higher orders may be introduced in the same way as the differential of the first order.

The notation of the infinitesimal calculus is intimately bound up with the notions of differentials and sums of elements.

First we shall have to study within the soul the differentials between the part, the faculty and the disposition.

There's a new Battleax—wonder if those two speed differentials are going to work out.