Differentiates [verb]

Definition of Differentiates:

make a distinction

Synonyms of Differentiates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Differentiates:

Sentence/Example of Differentiates:

Aëtius differentiates phagedenic and rodent ulcers and cancer.

That is one of the hall-marks of genius—the thing which sharply differentiates genius from talent.

Thus, it is the contrast between genericalness and individual personality that differentiates the demon from the god.

The meal, enjoyed in common at fixed times, differentiates cultural man from the man of nature.

Gourmont differentiates his characters by the modes of their sensibility, not by sub-degrees of their state of civilization.

This interest in work differentiates the workman from the criminal on the one hand, and from the captain of industry on the other.

Its distinctive feature is the characteristic which differentiates it from all the anthologies which preceded or have followed it.

For consciousness generalizes differences and differentiates generalities.

Churchyard differentiates very discreetly and observingly between the Ceiriog and the Dee.

Do you want a striking example of what differentiates a neutral meridian from a national meridian?