Difficulties [noun]

Definition of Difficulties:

problem; situation requiring great effort

Opposite/Antonyms of Difficulties:

Sentence/Example of Difficulties:

Distances were to him as nothing; and difficulties only stimulated him to give his adversaries a more signal overthrow.

The watchword of conduct that will clear up all our difficulties is, the plain truth.

The Minister pointed out to them the attendant difficulties, and referred them to the Prime Minister.

Now this is what we call a "pursuit of knowledge under difficulties" of the most obstinate kind.

Money was again required to carry the reeling firm through unexpected difficulties.

The beauty of his method is that the greatest difficulties become play to you.

His fiery enthusiasm swept aside all difficulties; his inventive genius ever showed him the way to surmount all obstacles.

Such difficulties, also, suddenly arose as plainly showed that our plans for this voyage were displeasing to the Evil Spirit.

To add further to his difficulties, d'Erlon's corps was detached from his command without his knowledge.

He had at once perceived the difficulties of his position, and was glad to leave them behind as far as possible.