Diffuses [verb]

Definition of Diffuses:

implant, introduce

Synonyms of Diffuses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diffuses:

Sentence/Example of Diffuses:

This immense and magnificent globe diffuses heat and light to all the other planets.

The kolim-tree diffuses an excessively strong odour, similar to that of onions, indicating its site at some distance off.

Red breaks and diffuses with white with peculiar loveliness.

The wood contains a dark-coloured, fragrant, resinous substance, much prized for the odour it diffuses in burning.

For being seated in the highest parts of the body it diffuses its force into every member.

The liquid containing pure coffee diffuses uniformly without coloring the water to any perceptible degree.

Or is she so much beloved because she entered the world full of its wealth, and dispenses it as the sun diffuses light?

The mention of your name diffuses life and spirit through the whole body, and nothing can be heard of but Mr. Doddridge.

WE have here to deal with a conception which in real life diffuses many kinds of illusory light.

A fountain of excellent water diffuses a delicious coolness around.