Digested [verb]

Definition of Digested:

assimilate food

Synonyms of Digested:

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Sentence/Example of Digested:

They strike a blue color with Lugol's solution when undigested; a red color, when slightly digested.

Grace digested this remark for a moment, staring at the telephone in much the same manner as Mollie had done a few minutes before.

With a mental appetite uninjured by tit-bits and dainties, she digested the strong food, and asked eagerly for more.

France has gorged Kabylia, with the rest of Algeria, but she has never digested it.

There are about twenty-five stages or forms of dextrine between raw starch and digested starch or fruit sugar.

Contrary to common belief, the greatest amount of food is digested after it leaves the stomach.

Meats especially, when overdone, lose much of their flavor and are far less easily digested than when they are cooked rare.

A small amount of digested food may be absorbed by the blood in the blood vessels of the walls of the stomach.

The ancient Assyrians seem more thoroughly to have settled and digested the affairs of marriage, than any of their cotemporaries.

Barii ferrocyanidum, L. From pure ferrocyanide of iron digested in baryta water.