Digressed [verb]

Definition of Digressed:

stray, deviate

Synonyms of Digressed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Digressed:


Sentence/Example of Digressed:

Do not digress; tell one story at a time; let no incident into your story which cannot answer the question, “Why are you here?”

I will digress a bit and explain how these stone-quarries were discovered.

While we are on that subject, just to digress for a moment, what was his attitude toward riding in open cars?

Let me now, however, turn to my tale, from which it is my intention in future to digress as seldom as possible.

It may be of interest to digress here briefly in order to speak of these little known though common forms of life.

Perhaps we should digress for a moment to say that there are chemically a number of sugars.

All you speak, sir, I hear as oracles; nor will digress From your directions.

It may be proper to digress for a moment and see if it will.

I must here digress to speak of some other work that my sister did during the time she lived in Aldershot.

Although these remarks arose naturally out of our subject, we must not digress too far.