Dilatation [noun]

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It is delayed in most organic diseases of the stomach, especially in dilatation and carcinoma, but not in neuroses.

After subcutaneous or local application, a dilatation neutralised by physostigmine in moderate doses.

Severing the same part causes paralysis of the vaso-motor nerves and dilatation of the blood-vessels.

The caloric that penetrates a living body produces dilatation there; that is to say, universal movement.

The first labor is generally more tedious than the succeeding ones, owing to the slower dilatation of the parts.

The manner in which the mouth of the Womb opens, and the time required for its dilatation, differ much in different cases.

After being satisfied on this point, the mouth of the womb must be carefully examined, and its degree of dilatation noticed.

The dilatation of the pupils, the squinting, and the aversion to light, do not universally exist.

An unusual dilatation of the pupil of the eye, is the most certain characteristic.

Fourthly, the rarest have been hypertrophy and hypertrophy with dilatation.