Diluting [verb]

Definition of Diluting:

make thinner; weaken

Synonyms of Diluting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diluting:

Sentence/Example of Diluting:

Specifically, the commentary discusses the theory of variolation, an pre-vaccine form of inoculation that uses a dilute form of the smallpox virus to give people a mild infection that would lead to lifelong immunity to the virus.

Tesla also announced it had sold $5 billion of new shares, diluting the value of stock held by existing investors.

Mixing dilutes the indoor air, spreading out any virus it may hold.

Unfortunately, Lo says, in many schools, these systems don’t mix the air well enough to dilute any virus.

Tesla shares are now officially in correction territory, in a week that saw the electric-vehicle maker announce a share sale that could dilute its value and a top holder cut its stake nearly in half.

Google has subsequently marched toward audience targeting and away from keyword targeting, diluting match types and introducing campaign types that don’t use keywords at all.

It doesn’t dilute the value of degrees or degrade institutional reputations, and student’s aren’t trying to cheat their way into being your surgeon.

The idea behind all these air changes and filters is to dilute and clean the air so that aerosols can’t build up into high concentrations.

The good news is there are ways to dilute and clear out aerosols from indoor spaces.

The metal is then removed, and washed successively with very dilute sodium hydroxid solution, alcohol, and ether.