Diminishes [verb]

Definition of Diminishes:

become or cause to be less

Synonyms of Diminishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diminishes:

Sentence/Example of Diminishes:

Heavy and continued rain diminishes the quantity of carbonic acid, by dissolving and carrying it down into the soil.

Saussure has also observed that the quantity of ash diminishes in certain plants when the seed has ripened.

When filled they are allowed to stand for some time, during which the smell diminishes and the contents become nearly dry.

But work does not give happiness; it merely diminishes the capacity and opportunities for unhappiness.

It diminishes downwardly in the water, and also toward the polar sides of the trade-wind districts.

With each reduction in this feature its carrying power very rapidly diminishes.

An increase in size is a natural result when exertion diminishes and food increases.

In the fifth edition, Richardson seems chiefly concerned with redundancy, but he also diminishes some of the praise.

He drops the parenthesis about the great Variety of entertaining Incidents, and he diminishes these engaging Scenes to it.

As the quantity of milk diminishes in a farrow cow, the quality improves within certain limits.