Directorial [adjective]

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His directorial debut in 2013, Fruitvale Station, was his lauded industry breakthrough.

You can build a whole movie around that, as Regina King does with her directorial debut One Night in Miami, its screenplay adapted by Kemp Powers from his play of the same name.

By then, Ray had made his directorial debut with “Pather Panchali,” the first Apu film, and was searching for a compelling young actor who could star in “Aparajito,” the sequel.

Actor and producer David Oyelowo opened the festival by celebrating his directorial debut The Water Man and closed it with a screening of his upcoming Disney movie Come Away.

But directorial decisions sometimes, so I have heard it whispered, have hidden motives which it is vain to try and discover.

It is difficult even to estimate the total annual profits of the directorial syndicate.

This was the real blow; that the vigorous trunk, the Legislature, was struck down along with the withering Directorial branch.

As to Genoa, her still existing directorial constitution would now be as impracticable to work as those of Cisalpina and Batavia.

He was accused of a conspiracy against the directorial Government, condemned to death, and guillotined in 1797.

Thiers says that the Directorial Republic exhibited at this time a scene of distressing confusion.