Directs [verb]

Definition of Directs:

manage, oversee

Synonyms of Directs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Directs:

Sentence/Example of Directs:

Fenix bowed, said a few words to the Italian woman, and waited with the calmness of one who directs events.

By words the superior man directs others; but in order to do this his words must be sincere.

Even the little village where my history directs our attention has one savor of dignified antiquity.

It directs that there shall be certain vaults, and safes, and rooms for deposit of the money of the government.

Whatever He directs is to be done, simply because He directs it.

And in regard to what He directs, there can be no compromise.

The Sun, her father, protects her, and directs all her actions.

If I think of it at all, I connect it with my son, and feel how all belongs to him, and that his is the head that directs it.

Blandly and with conscious pride the Professor directs the young man's attention to his fine collection of living snakes.

The Ph. Baden directs its preparation by displacement with cold water.