Disappointments [noun]

Definition of Disappointments:

saddening situation; letdown

Synonyms of Disappointments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disappointments:

Sentence/Example of Disappointments:

Not many complaints are made now, for delays and disappointments are things of the past.

The French army, so long accustomed to success, was absolutely demoralised by repeated disappointments and defeats.

It will be my comfort in my last hours, Tessa, that you have been kept from troubles and disappointments.

The burden and mystery of life lay heavily on him—its lasting calamities and vanishing joys, its trials and disappointments.

It's your dream to land right in the midst of such surroundings, and your disappointments will be terrible to endure.

These gifts are not enough to make every child happy, but they will do much to ease the heartaches and disappointments.

"I don't see how Washington could have patience with so many disappointments and delays," said Lulu.

But I kept up with my classes in school and maybe the disappointments in sports urged me to win somewhere else.

Losses, mistakes, discouragements and disappointments scorch with burning blisters the lining of our lives.

They made up their minds to forswear the love of women with all its humiliations and disappointments and futilities.