Disassembling [verb]

Definition of Disassembling:

take apart

Synonyms of Disassembling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disassembling:


Sentence/Example of Disassembling:

Once a month, you’ll need to disassemble them and clean each of the individual rotary shaving heads.

Many of those machines were disassembled or used for scrap, but of the ones that remained serviceable, Bastian commanded DeJoy to allow local managers to decide whether to reinstall them.

The disappointing Cowboys are disassembling their underachieving defense.

Others were disassembled and had parts used for scrap or to extend the capabilities of other machines.

Regardless, the moment a bike is partially disassembled it automatically makes the perp have to do more work, and that’s your goal.

Presently she opened her pistol and began to disassemble the firing mechanism, studying it intently.

It was necessary to disassemble it partly and mount it on trailers.

You can disassemble it in a lesser amount of time, I assume.