Disastrously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Disastrously:

The royalist expedition against Quiberon, assisted by English munitions and money, terminated disastrously for the royal cause.

At Boroughbridge, however, they were confronted by Harcla on March 16, and disastrously defeated.

It was too soon for that enthusiasm for antiquity, which later overwhelmed Italian art so disastrously, to have arisen.

To have attempted twice, and twice to have failed so disastrously!

The rear of the column was continually and disastrously engaged with the enemy pouring after.

The assault ended disastrously, for the rebels defended the houses, and at last drove back the assailants with much loss.

The disputes during the second half of 1886 ended, for the most part, disastrously to labor.

For a second time the promises of Napoleonism had failed France disastrously.

Sir Peter's frolic turned out disastrously; for the Marylanders were on the watch, and received the invaders with a fierce volley.

Under these circumstances we feel sure that any attempts at reconciliation would have ended disastrously for both.