Discalced [adjective]

Definition of Discalced:

wearing no shoes

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Sentence/Example of Discalced:

Hitherto the discalced Franciscan religious of this province have had charge of their spiritual matters.

The administration of all those islands, and of that called Cuio, is in charge of discalced Augustinian religious.

It has also a royal hospital which is in charge of the discalced religious of St. Francis.

Continuation of the matter of the preceding section, with especial bearing on our discalced Recollect branch.

The discalced Recollects of St. Augustine also help toward the same end of the pacification of the said provinces.

Don Juan Velez, dean of that cathedral, was very devoted to our discalced Recollects.

Preaching of our discalced Recollect religious in the province of Caragha.

Our discalced, pitying their wretchedness, resolved to send five religious for that undertaking.

The discalced Augustinian religious continue their spiritual conquests on the coast of Zambales, and pacify it with their labors.

Small wonder that peace reigned among the discalced Carmelites so long as Teresa ruled.