Disciplines [noun]

Definition of Disciplines:

regimen, training

Opposite/Antonyms of Disciplines:

Sentence/Example of Disciplines:

Still, her alert presence disciplines us to tidiness and occasionally develops a bit of comedy.

The science of physiognomy belongs to those disciplines which show a decided variability in their value.

Other disciplines are justified to assert such additional propositions, but is ours?

Criminal law, like all other disciplines, must ask under what conditions and when we are entitled to say we know.

Most conscientiously we must drop all cynicism and seek to find illumination only in serious disciplines.

They are not easily ponderable and measurable—even less so than those of other disciplines.

Keep the literature as near play as possible—the play that cultivates and disciplines through the avenues of refined pleasure.

So, there are some disciplines that we need to observe as persons in whom the Spirit of God seeks to incarnate His love.

The confusion that has ensued makes it desirable to determine the mutual positions of the various biological disciplines.

Praises being sung, we all proceeded to commence our disciplines (ad disciplinas suscipiendas).