Discovers [verb]

Definition of Discovers:

find, uncover

Opposite/Antonyms of Discovers:

Sentence/Example of Discovers:

His hero, Gulliver, discovers race after race of beings who typify the genera in his classification of mankind.

It beats punching cows, though—that is, when a fellow discovers that he isn't a successful cowpuncher.

Mèste Ramoun discovers the flight of the unhappy maiden, and with all his family starts in pursuit.

He discovers that no amount of austerities will extinguish desire, or produce ecstatic contemplation.

To him he discovers himself; he orders him to renounce the worship of his fathers, and embrace a new religion.

By dint of imposture, he outwits them; yet, in consequence of his miracles and illusions, he at length discovers himself.

For a moment I was as dumbfounded as the bridegroom who discovers a plait of hair on his brides dressing table.

Commanding Officer draws aside tent of waggon and discovers fat and hearty old woman.

He keeps about however, but his fond Mama discovers great anxiety.

Afterwards he assumes a disguise, enters Seringapatam, and at last he discovers his father in the great stronghold of Savandroog.