Discretionary [adjective]

Definition of Discretionary:

open to choice

Synonyms of Discretionary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discretionary:


Sentence/Example of Discretionary:

Because these higher-income consumers are spending less on experiences and travel, they have more discretionary income available to shop this holiday season.

That is not an unreasonable sum—it’s a fraction of the funding the US spends on health and defense innovation and just over 1% of the discretionary federal budget.

No finance, no energy, no industrials or consumer discretionary stocks.

Arthrex employees receive an annual discretionary bonus in July at our fiscal-year end.

The money Soros recently allocated to another global macro fund is therefore to one that blends the strategy’s traditional “discretionary” approach with a more computer-driven, quantitative one.

Many shoppers have curbed discretionary purchases, but even those who want to spend have found non-essential stores shuttered.

I have no discretionary power on the subject—my duty is emphatically pronounced in the Constitution.

Congress may undoubtedly abuse this discretionary power, but the same may be said of others with which they are vested.

In 1880 a provisional Bill was submitted to parliament giving the crown discretionary power not to enforce the laws.

That this House should have a general discretionary power of disqualification is a dangerous saying.