Disgraced [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disgraced:

People who are categorized as “overweight” or “obese” face a lot of stigma — disgrace — for their size.

These activities are a disgrace & quite honestly un-American.

Few thought of going to bed — they spent the night in gazing on the fires, and lamenting the disgrace of the city.

The lack of paid sick leave for essential workers is a national disgrace.

When Nixon ran for the presidency in 1968, he was elected and then reelected in 1972, before resigning in disgrace in 1974.

Many of the windows made a brave display that would not have disgraced San Francisco.

He was many years the friend of Walpole, finally opposed his measures and was disgraced.

He continued his opposition with so much zeal and spirit, that Walpole was in turn disgraced, and himself rose in his place.

He was the son of a cobbler, and disgraced the imperial dignity by acts of barbarity and tyranny.

The viceroy of a great province, he causes the laws to be observed and morality to flourish; disgraced and poor, he teaches them.