Dismisses [verb]

Definition of Dismisses:

send away, remove; free

Opposite/Antonyms of Dismisses:

Sentence/Example of Dismisses:

Joanna enters to offer the Prince her thanks for his chivalrous defence of her fair name, and dismisses the other courtiers.

"Oh, we destroyed the negative long ago," the person behind the counter thus dismisses me.

Mr. Leaf himself dismisses the story of the Athenian appeal to Homer for proof of their claim as "a fiction."

Cicero's evidence, almost a translation of the Greek passages already cited, Lobeck dismisses as purely rhetorical.

His tender heart dismisses the one painful supposition which could possibly arise.

Like a man of integrity and piety, he corrects himself at once, dismisses her with a blessing, and prays for her success.

It summarizes and dismisses the essential evils of the Great Power system.

The Swiss father dismisses his daughter to teach in a school at Paris or London, and his sons to commerce or war.

Tells them “not to do it again,” and dismisses them with aid from the Poor Box and his blessing.

Answers which were not only not in his mind, but which he directly pronounces “false” and thus dismisses them.