Disparities [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disparities:

But that argument is not convincing, and contains many remarkable disparities.

There are wide disparities between these historical causes and the assigned causes.

In which Computes there are manifest disparities, and such as much divide the concordance and harmony of times.

Disparities like this, which do not trouble us to-day, would have troubled the Federal Convention.

What father would permit in his family the gross disparities we see in human life?

Inasmuch as competition between railway companies is carried on extensively, many such disparities exist.

The disparities of nature are not repaired, but its whole surface is levelled by a storm.

Knowledge is like capital: the more there is in a country, the greater the disparities in wealth between one man and another.

Such disparities may be glaring in men who enter upon the learning of a higher civilization without proper pilotage.

This newly stimulated scholarship held the same disparities that appear in the writings of Alcuin.