Displays [noun]

Definition of Displays:

public showing; spectacle

Opposite/Antonyms of Displays:

Sentence/Example of Displays:

"Chanson," exhibited at the Paris Exposition, 1900, displays something of the same quality.

Then there was dancing and singing under the palm-trees by old and young, and when evening came there were displays of fireworks.

The Introduction and first Allegro are very weak; the poverty of Tchaikovskys invention displays itself every moment.

Among the carnivorous mammals the social dog or wolf tribe displays the intelligent habit of mutual aid.

It displays an affection equal to that of the dog, and a sympathy surpassing that of any other animal below man.

He displays marvellous bravery in facing the fighting crowds, and they choose him to be umpire.

The recorded instances of displays of reason in the dog, man's constant companion, are innumerable.

The comic authors entertained spectators by fantastic and gross displays, by the exhibition of buffoonery and pantomime.

The ages in which they flourished attached no value to pedantic displays of learning paraded in foot-notes.

And on a wild or rugged coast, winter and stormy weather bring of course their own grand though terrible displays.