Disquisitions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disquisitions:

It is a lengthened disquisition, in seven thousand four hundred lines, upon the great phenomena of the outward world.

Her stiff, unhappy, unlistening silence broke up my disquisition.

"I have seen it several times before," replied Pratt, rather bored by this archological disquisition.

He pursued, with visible pleasure, that kind of disquisition which was naturally suggested by them.

I do not propose here to enter into a disquisition upon the functions of the human mind.

A discussion involving principles of the greatest moment narrowed into a technical disquisition of abstract law.

I do not here enter into the unsatisfactory disquisition concerning representation real or presumed.

This idle disquisition was however speedily driven from my mind when I perceived that the carriage was Mr. Falkland's.

I however distrusted my resources in the way of moral disquisition, and soon turned my thoughts to his other suggestion, a tale.

But a disquisition into what were, or were not the real tenets of that philosopher, would be wholly foreign to my purpose.