Disreputably [adverb]

Definition of Disreputably:


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Sentence/Example of Disreputably:

Houses up the canyon, so-called, of which eight are habitable, and forty-six simply awful; they are disreputably disgraceful.

Never in the club's history had a member breakfasted in dress clothes—and in such disreputably disheveled dress clothes!

Everything within reach of the tutor's hands was disarranged and disreputably untidy.

Maida was all mother, and very proud of this disreputably mixed progeny, but evidently especially pleased with the white one.

While I stood peering into the thicket, a man whom I knew came along the road, and caught me thus disreputably employed.

It was a new luxury to this woman, who had knocked about the world so long and so disreputably, to feel safe and able to be good.

Always it was the most disreputably picturesque spot on the anatomy of the railroad.

Her hair was flying from its moorings; her face flamed; and her hat sat at a disreputably rakish angle.

Loudville was a humble, an almost disreputably humble, suburb of the little provincial city.

In fact, they were all three exceedingly, almost disreputably, shabby.