Dissenter [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dissenter:

Kagan, although a dissenter in Ramos, suggested this might be another.

Kavanaugh was a dissenter in that case, in which Roberts was joined by the court’s liberals.

I wanted to see a live Dissenter, I believe, and yet I wished it were over.

New-Rochelle was then a parish, and its rector, of course, considered the French preacher a dissenter.

The four lieutenants stepped out of the way, so that the single dissenter might stand alone.

The squire was interested in the land and the church; the merchant thought more of commerce and was apt to be a dissenter.

I heard an earnest middle-aged dissenter preach a sermon on that text a few days ago.

His father was a “dissenter,” and twice was imprisoned for his religious views.

The Dissenter, who declined to pay Church-rates, was an unsocial person.

He brought his religion with him, shaped under English influences, whether he called himself Dissenter or not.