Distanced [verb]

Definition of Distanced:

dissociate oneself; leave behind

Synonyms of Distanced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distanced:

Sentence/Example of Distanced:

That would allow us to limit the number of people who could come in and therefore social distance.

That tactor has a tiny motor that allows it to move short distances within a small area.

Wilke and Sauber-Schatz recommend that if families do have college students coming home, they make plans for the youngsters to maintain social distance and wear masks whenever possible.

If you run long distances, you develop a stronger heart and mitochondria-rich muscles that make you better at running long distances.

And, as mentioned before, think about weight if you’ll be carrying it for long distances.

Washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask, keeping a social distance from others, staying home whenever possible, and getting your flu shot all help to protect yourself and your community from illness this year.

It can fly for more than half an hour on one battery charge and travel a distance of up to six miles from where it takes off.

Zając devised a calculator to help people learn how much wearing masks and goggles, regularly washing their hands and keeping distance from others might help protect them.

This is especially so in areas where people are not easily contactable or have to travel long distances to reach vaccination centers.

I monitor this from a distance — like I assume my parents did — but mostly, I pretend not to notice.