Distichs [noun]

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A war is undertaken for an epigram or a distich, as in Europe for a duchy.

Leo used occasionally to send him some dishes from his table; and he was expected to pay for each dish with a Latin distich.

That distich which Shakespeare puts in the mouth of his madman in K. Lear, act iii.

So ran an agonised distich I found written up on a rock somewhere.

The chief forms of verse used are the elegiac distich (most frequent), scazons, and hendecasyllabics.

Sometimes a thought, which might perhaps fill a distich, is expanded and attenuated till it grows weak and almost evanescent.

Here Selvaggi praised him in a distich, and Salsilli in a tetrastich: neither of them of much value.

When both itch, the above distich expresses the popular belief.

This distich is said by a boy who feels very lazy, yet wishes to exert himself.

This distich alludes to the quantity of old coins found near those places.