Distracts [verb]

Definition of Distracts:

divert attention; confuse

Synonyms of Distracts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distracts:

Sentence/Example of Distracts:

Nothing distracts them from their aim; they never lose sight of the diploma that will be their bread-winner.

Abram and Sarai were sorrowful, yet their seed became as sand of the sea, and distracts the politics of Europe at this moment.

Once he is tempted to hear some fine music—it distracts his attention—he foregoes the music.

It distracts her forces, and prevents her from acting with her full weight in the affairs of her own quarter of the world.

Certain wild chimeras haunt me, Jealousy doth tear my heart, And despairing love distracts me.

It is a work that distracts and dissipates, and leads to relaxation of discipline.

No, no, her friend; her firm and faithful friend: suspence distracts me: lead me to her presence instantly!

Sit real still and close your eyes, so that nothing distracts your attention.

Such consideration distracts attention from the problem of building up an effective habit.

They attempt to decide what is to be done; their thoughts become confused, for the terrible discovery distracts them.