Disturbs [verb]

Definition of Disturbs:

bother, upset

Synonyms of Disturbs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disturbs:

Sentence/Example of Disturbs:

But the contemplation of his grief disturbs his equanimity more and more, and he begins to fret and fume.

What combined lamentation disturbs the whole palace with its harrowing intensity?

Nothing disturbs the religious mind more than that bending under the weight of the unknown.

I don't say anything about that, only he comes here and disturbs you.

Grandfather is always there all morning, and no one ever disturbs him.

A more violent and distressing vice than any of these is jealousy which disturbs us by suggesting comparisons.

Moreover, he calls himself the Son of God, and disturbs the foundations on which society rests, and therefore harms people.

Here thou wilt hear nothing but this phrase, 'the law,' and everything disturbs that law.

The unbridled dominion of the passions disturbs the peace of the individual and the harmony of society.

Only so long do they have power as nothing human disturbs and overthrows their supernatural spells.