Divinities [noun]

Definition of Divinities:

absolute being; divine nature

Synonyms of Divinities:

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Sentence/Example of Divinities:

One thread running through all of this is the idea of getting into divinity.

You may imagine the effect this missive produced upon the proud, high-minded doctor of divinity.

Philip Limborch died; a Dutch professor of divinity, and author of a history of the inquisition.

Herbert Marsh, professor of divinity in the university of Cambridge, England, died.

Frederick Spanheim died; a noted divinity professor at Leyden, and a voluminous writer.

John Laurence Berti, a learned monk of Tuscany, died; author of about 20 quarto volumes of divinity.

A priest, or bonze, handed us some little tapers for us to light and offer to his divinity.

About the middle of the village was a small temple, with a few lamps burning dimly before the principal divinity.

Such was the Roman divinity which for so many ages was taken for Simon the Magician.

Finishing his course in 1817, he became a student at the Divinity Hall, where he gained some reputation as a Hebraist.