Dolefully [adverb]

Definition of Dolefully:


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Sentence/Example of Dolefully:

"Our people have been wiped away," Running Crow cried, dolefully, as he rode his frightened pony into the camp.

"My flute that cost me twenty-five pounds only a week since," he wailed dolefully.

"This is a pretty go," said Harry Girdwood, dolefully, as he looked round him.

Dolefully they wished that a sober Lancashire would come to Llanyglo; but—a Lancashire of some sort they must have.

"Not while they have possession of the boys," Canfield declared, dolefully.

They would have constituted a "terrace" if they could, but they had dolefully given it up.

"I just wish she were," I agreed dolefully; and if Nora didn't get miffed because we said that!

"Not slow and funny enough, maybe," Ramos answered dolefully.

He rode slowly along down the path, as dolefully as ever man approached the graveyard.

When they reached Roughgrove's house, they found Joe lying in the middle of the floor on his back, and groaning most dolefully.