Donations [noun]

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Donations from interested colonists themselves increased the building fund considerably.

He was charitable to the poor, gave large donations to religious societies, and rewarded those who wrote in his praise.

Their donations amounted to 2030 shirts, and they obtained 77 shirts and 380 pairs of stockings from New Jersey.

From various places on the continent, especially France, donations were transmitted in either money or food.

By donations for public works, and "general presentments," Sir Robert Peel also prepared for the coming disaster.

"Too bad you can't send the donations in Sayles's own name," laughed Lieutenant Hal.

These donations are noble, because conceived in a spirit of comprehensive liberality.

Some also were there the like of the Normans donations and gifts about and some years after the Conquest.'

The second siege of Worcester was in 1646, but the only allusion to military matters in that year are the donations of 5s.

What knew she of Donations of Constantine, of the slow, steady growth of the temporal dominions of the Papacy?