Dong [verb]

Definition of Dong:

ring, peal

Synonyms of Dong:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dong:


Sentence/Example of Dong:

As Dong reports, China had a lukewarm reaction to Disney’s animated Mulan.

After 41 years, Los Angeles Koreatown mainstay Dong Il Jang closed its doors, too.

No tedious ding-dong daily practice—just 20 brief, entertaining lessons, easily mastered.

Think of that: cradled innocence and angels' dreams and the whole of the hymn just before ding-dong-bang on noses and jaws!

Other deep toned bells joined in; they were tolling in solemn concert—ding, dong!

His voice seemed unusually loud and a trifle off key like the dong of a cracked bell.

In the old days, under Dong Ling's rule, there had been no gas stove.

"V-v-v-variety is the s-s-spice——" sputtered our old friend William, otherwise Ding-dong Bell.

The floor of the cave sloped steeply toward the rear, and when Ding-dong struck it he did not stop.

It mingled with a shout of alarm from Ding-dong, who had now stopped rolling, but was not yet on his feet.