Donkey [noun]

Definition of Donkey:

small domestic horselike mammal

Synonyms of Donkey:

Opposite/Antonyms of Donkey:


Sentence/Example of Donkey:

These are your site’s biggest donkeys, the pages with the highest number of impressions but deliver lower than expected CTR for their ranking position.

My husband wrote a note apologizing that the camel and donkey mates were missing.

Cars, buses, truck—even motorcycles, bicycles and donkeys—may be required to get the vaccine to rural areas.

Sixteen contenders — mostly dogs, with one donkey, a rooster and a cat in the mix — fought hard for the title of mayor.

His donkey stumbled—it was natural enough, seeing that the reins hung loose and his feet had somehow left the stirrups.

His donkey had gone lame, he abandoned it to the boys behind, he climbed in to drive with Lettice.

Ibrahim stopped his song to sigh, and struck his donkey lightly under the right ear, causing it to turn sharply to the left.

And now Ibrahim struck his donkey again, and they went on rapidly towards the Libyan mountains.

Could all these people read her mind and follow the track of her distastes and desires, even the dragomans and the donkey-boys?

At last Ibrahim pulled up his donkey, and slid off, drawing his djelabieh together with his brown hands.