Donned [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Donned:

A second police officer who arrived a few minutes later donned gloves and checked on Arbery, who by then appeared to be dead.

Millions of people have donned masks and dramatically reshaped their daily lives to help fight the virus.

Back in May, the company’s vacant-minded managers directed staffers not to wear face masks, to the point that a Dallas-based employee had to sue for the right to don protective gear at work.

The city of Marietta required masks, with even pre-kindergarteners donning them inside school buildings.

Yellow-bellied marmots scampered around the trail like tiny mafia dons, unaware or uncaring that we were over 15 times their size.

Tim had made himself just a bit better than I, when he donned his well-fitting suit and pulled on his silly gloves.

The earth had donned her mantle of brightest green, and shed her richest perfumes abroad.

He donned it with the aid of Francoeur, nor did he forget the shield on which was emblazoned the golden sun of Clarides.

Still whistling under his breath, he took off his uniform and donned a strange one, of greenish gray.

Then, as though grown weary of the idyllic romance she was composing, Fortune donned the tragic robes of Nemesis.