Donnish [adjective]

Definition of Donnish:

bookish, precise

Synonyms of Donnish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Donnish:

Sentence/Example of Donnish:

He had known dons at Oxford, and placed Lady Latimer in the donnish caste: that was all.

Never were dons of the donnish sort more brilliantly twitted than by young Belloc.

Some of Southeys donnish ways to the irrepressible lad were superlatively exasperating.

"Really, Miss Allison——" he began in his most dignified Oxford donnish manner.

I do not know whether I am donnish with him, or if I bullied him too much when he was little; but he is always counter to me.

He has become now almost the leading Character in a little donnish world of much too intensely appreciated Characters.

I thought that he was affecting the poet, and in me he found a donnish affectation of the British sportsman.

Oxford people were very well in their way, but narrow, and rather donnish.

He looks rather an ascetic--rather donnish, don't you think?

Sheffield said he liked people to be natural, and hated that donnish manner.