Doss [noun]

Definition of Doss:

computer software for basic operation

Synonyms of Doss:

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Sentence/Example of Doss:

As Helles, Anzac and Tenedos have each been ruled out, we are going to doss down on this sandbank opposite us.

This identification is to help Rosalind, as she may not be able to spot this particular doss-house among all she knows.

As to the "fourpenny doss," its discomforts are probably mainly owing to its inmates.

It was near midnight when Creed sought his patient mule at the rack, to find that Doss Provine had ridden the animal away.

We'll treat him like a king, and give him first-rate grub and a doss fit for a bloomin' dook.

NE privilege to man is left—The privilege of earning The doss that pays the weekly bills.

From the purely technical standpoint, moreover, "The Doss-house" is full of defects.

There being only four beds, one of us would have to doss down on the floor.

It was a doorless place, with stone-flagged corridor—in other words, a "doss-house."

At night one has to pick and choose a little, before getting a satisfactory "doss."