Doubtingly [adverb]

Definition of Doubtingly:


Synonyms of Doubtingly:

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Sentence/Example of Doubtingly:

He spoke in his usual matter-of-fact, rather dry tone, and Nan looked up at him doubtingly.

Crowned heads might look on doubtingly, but the foundation had been laid in justice and truth and equality of right.

Massoni shook his head doubtingly, 'No disguise would avail against her craft.'

They deliberated, doubtingly, and it soon became evident that the crisis had passed.

The number of species of orchids known in his time Lindley doubtingly estimated at 3000.

She spoke doubtingly, with indecision in her voice, as though remembering at the moment that he had given her no pledge.

This was said doubtingly, or as one who lays down an uncertain proposition, and not with a taunt, or a desire to alarm.

Those three years in which she had doubtingly waited for Eugene had whetted her suspicions and nurtured her fears.

The driver shook his head doubtingly until Peggie showed him a half-length of her uncle in outdoor costume.

For he who liveth wavering between the two doubtingly, leadeth a wretched life.