Downsizing [verb]

Definition of Downsizing:

to decrease in size, especially of a workforce

Synonyms of Downsizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Downsizing:

Sentence/Example of Downsizing:

An uncertain pandemic economy means expansion for some sectors and downsizing for others.

Some, like Metro, could stop layoffs and bring service back to current levels, but others, such as Boston’s MBTA, may move forward with proposed cuts and downsize service with the reduced demand until ridership begins to grow.

Operational costs were tightened along with evaluations of the marketing and tech spend, and Wildgoose was forced to downsize its workforce by over 50%.

Some tread designs favor pavement with a dash of dirt, while others are downsized mountain bike tires.

In Europe, where GM wisely withdrew via a sale to Peugeot in 2017, Ford is pledging to downsize its line of low-margin, high-volume passenger vehicles and invest heavily in growing its star performers, commercial and passenger vans.

They have managed the dramatic downsizing of our forces after the cold war with remarkable skill and spirit.