Dozens [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dozens:

Typically, by this time of year, we’re talking dozens per 100,000 every week.

Even with the over half-dozen shots that have now been approved around the globe, it’s unlikely that you’ll get to choose for some time yet.

Now, my Texas family buys their tamales — by the many dozens, so that they have enough to feed anyone who happens to stop by.

In some cases, the model is being exceptionally conservative because of a lack of polling in the state, but the first dozen on the list are realistic pickup opportunities for Democrats.

There were at least a dozen ladies seated round the big table at the Parsonage.

I ask for half a dozen projectors or so in every school, and for a well-stocked storehouse of films.

Before we had all fired, Fanning and a dozen of his sharpest men had again loaded, and were by our side.

We had half a dozen passengers to Ferrara; for the rest of the way, I had this extensive traveling establishment to myself.

Our class has swelled to about a dozen persons now, and a good many others come and play to him once or twice and then go.

In the centre of the room is an oval table; some dozen men are sitting at it; as many more stand behind their chairs.