Twelve [adjective]

Definition of Twelve:

having twelve of something

Synonyms of Twelve:

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Sentence/Example of Twelve:

Stater—A gold coin; estimated at about twelve shillings, three pence.

Twelve hours afterward the snow, three feet deep on a level, has melted.

They studied the heavens and named the twelve signs of the Zodiak.

On the 26th we arrived at Salisbury, twelve miles from Adelaide.

The clock struck twelve, and it seemed as if it struck a thousand.

Since that period a population of four millions has multiplied to twelve.

It was ten minutes to twelve when they reached New York City.

You've done nothing, when you know you poured out my last dose at twelve?

When supper was over and the clock had struck twelve, the party separated.

The eldest was about the age of twelve, the youngest about seven.