Months [noun]

Definition of Months:

temporal length of event or entity's existence, period

Synonyms of Months:

Opposite/Antonyms of Months:


Sentence/Example of Months:

If there was rain, there would be enough water here for a month or more.

He did apply, and at the end of a month, no answer had been returned to his communication.

Never is the city so lovely as in this month of May, when all the trees are in the fullness of their foliage.

Why, inside two weeks he'll be fit as a fiddle, and inside a month he'll be his own self!

I was once in bed for a whole month, and found it very wearisome.

At the end of the month, all of the columns should be totaled.

On such an occasion, a month after the wedding, she could not contain herself.

She had been ailing for a month, and now she was down with a temperature.

She remembered the bitterness of her month's exile, and its probable cause.

I am not astonished, therefore, that I am not so well this month as last.