Drainpipes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Drainpipes:

An excited group collected round the portion of the drainpipe which was lying on the ground.

In most communities drain pipes are installed and repaired and in every way controlled by gentlemen who are drainpipe specialists.

When Dwight destroyed his secret memoranda it is as though he foresaw the era of the drainpipe.

"Probably phosphorescent substances being sent out from the drainpipe of a factory or chemical laboratory," he decided.

You could hear the liquid gurgling its way down the throats like rainwater in a drainpipe after a storm.

A small window from the adjoining lavatory opened on to a drainpipe.

At that they all saw his legs—at least, as much of them as were poked out of the mouth of the drainpipe.

This drainpipe is best laid with regular sewer pipe and without cement in the joints.

Stone would hand him a rope and their boots, and then himself climb the drainpipe.

I couldn't carry it with me; I tore out the leaf, stuck the book into the drainpipe, and ran.