Dreadnought [noun]

Definition of Dreadnought:

large boat

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Sentence/Example of Dreadnought:

The Gladiator wore a lady's bonnet; the Farnese Hercules looked like an old-fashioned watchman, and sported a dreadnought coat.

On the 21st of October, early in the morning, the Dreadnought made the signal for the enemy.

To-morrow, or let us say within three months, England could possess an aerial dreadnought superior to any Zeppelin.

In 1915 the French pinned their faith to a giant triplane, which well deserved to be called "the Dreadnought of the Air."

Perhaps the greatest war invention of modern times was the British battleship Dreadnought.

But now a dreadnought goes down, or a half dozen cruisers, and we scarcely catch our breath at the news.

When the smoke clears away we may see the Dreadnought sailing calmly down stream.

As the Dreadnoughts were in good fighting trim, we may find them on the inside of the engine-room of the Dreadnought.

Such was her speed that a bore was raised by her nose like that which a Dreadnought or an Atlantic liner raises on the sea.

Cazalet thought of a sailing-ship and a dreadnought, and the sailing-ship thrown up into the wind.