Dresses [noun]

Definition of Dresses:

clothing; woman's garment

Synonyms of Dresses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dresses:


Sentence/Example of Dresses:

In this country, we are apt to think when any one dresses himself up, that he is disguising a fool.

As they brush the holly-leaves, in passing, the very sprays that touch the dresses of the scared girls are stirring.

Walking Dresses—Walking dresses, to be in good taste, should be of quiet colors, and never conspicuous.

Horses and dresses are found in the insular forms, but, so far, I have not found a single instance of the tournament.

The light dresses, worn upon such occasions, suffer severely in passing up and down a crowded staircase.

Dresses magnificently, gives wonderful parties, and always has the last new thing.

Why, she dresses like a girl of twenty-fiveand acts that grown up, too, observed the jeweler.

But neither young lady moved; their dresses wouldn't let them, poor things.

We told her that she ought to wait until she wore long dresses before she talked about getting married.

There is much swishing of dresses: the good ladies of the tracts are being seated.