Drives [noun]

Definition of Drives:

journey by vehicle

Synonyms of Drives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drives:


Sentence/Example of Drives:

Terror drives you on; fate coerces you; you can't help yourself, and my delight is to make the plunge terrible.

They destroy ants and spiders and other creeping things, so that Alila's mother never kills them nor drives them away.

It needed only an exertion of will for the soul to hurl the body ashore as wind drives paper; to waft it kite-fashion to the bank.

He drives a white mule, and has managed to put a top of sail cloth on an old ramshackle buggy, which he calls a 'shay.'

Ethel was anxious to hear what her brother thought of papa's spirits, and whether he talked in their drives.

Nevertheless, if a novice drives a car in London, he can hardly avoid such experiences.

Again, a husband who drives his wife away from him by his misconduct deserts her as clearly as if he had left her.

When Dr. McAllister drove into his yard he found a boy washing the concrete drives as calmly as if nothing had happened.

The industrial arts of this part of the country depend much upon them for the power which drives their machinery.

What seemed important to them, all the drives of ordinary day-to-day existence, had never seemed very important to him.