Drowsily [adverb]

Definition of Drowsily:


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Sentence/Example of Drowsily:

She slept lightly at first, half awake and drowsily attentive to the things about her.

She awoke suddenly, but drowsily surprised and disappointed not to find Gwynne in the chair opposite.

Kinnaird was awake, and his daughter cried out drowsily when Weston stood looking down at him.

And with this request, drowsily mumbled, George pulled the blanket comfortably about him and settled back for another nap.

Henry Burns dragged himself drowsily to one of the cabin ports and looked out.

The woman stirred drowsily and arose, throwing back her heavy hair from her face.

And he looked drowsily about the room, which was fairly perceptible in the half-light from the street-lamp.

"Lots," the boy murmured drowsily, and in a few seconds he was fast asleep.

He does not turn his head, but sits listening to it drowsily.

"Oh, you are dreaming," drowsily murmured the weary girl in the other bed.