Dumped [verb]

Definition of Dumped:

drop, throw away

Synonyms of Dumped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dumped:

Sentence/Example of Dumped:

Then they dumped in carload after carload of rock and gravel; but the muskeg absorbed it and waited for more.

As fast as we had a box full of mixture prepared, we dumped it into the mould between the boards.

A wagon hitched to mules, had just dumped several beams upon the place.

Lamont laughed cynically, and dumped the great body on the heap of clothes which stood for a bed.

Now the big loads were coming in regularly, and the railways became choked with the logs dumped down on them from the sleighs.

It is very stony west of the hill, as if Nature in making up the mould had dumped the dbris there.

The last two cases had just been dumped on the deck, and two men leaped ashore, rushing for the shore-ends of the hawsers.

While I was still sweating under the big load Maisie Ann had dumped upon me, the night despatcher's boy came in with a message.

The port bunkers were filled direct from the dock by similar baskets of coal dumped into the port coal-chutes.

I plopped my briefcase on his desk and pulled out all the specimens and dumped them in front of him.