Economics [noun]

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Levitt talks with her about the early days of Google, how her background in economics shapes the company’s products, and why YouTube’s success has created a range of unforeseen and serious issues.

This year’s winner for fresh thinking in economics, for example, went to Mariana Mazzucato, an economics professor at University College London, for “reimagining the role of the state and value in economics.”

Still, Nobel’s gold medals have become an international symbol of unassailable excellence in the fields of physics, medicine, chemistry, economics, literature and the pursuit of peace.

If the economics profession wants to respond in a more diverse manner, as many in the field have earnestly professed, one statistic to have come out of the pandemic gives cause for concern.

Its economics department includes someone you should all be familiar with, my Freakonomics friend and co-author.

I use mathematical thinking, statistics, and data analysis constantly, whether I’m writing economics papers, trying to get better at golf, or hoping to pick winners at the race track.

The economics of war, therefore, has thrown its lurid light upon the economics of peace.

This, as a piece of pure economics, does not interest the individual employer a particle.

It is the one which is sometimes called in books on economics the case of an unique monopoly.

Professor Farnsworth, of the economics department, had invited me on a motor trip for the holidays.